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find a star game

Play Find The Star Games online at Hoshi Find the Star games are a popular set of puzzle games created in flash where casual gamers must find. Find the Star Games provides detailed walkthroughs for some of the hoshi saga online flash games. Why not check out our walkthroughs if you are stuck on one. Play Hoshi Saga 1 Game online at Find The Star. Hoshi Saga Find a Star 1 game is the first in a series of flash puzzle games created by Yoshio Ishii. Home New Games Top Games Most Played Most Rated Blog Girls-Games-Zone. WP-Backgrounds Lite by InoPlugs Web Design and Juwelier Schönmann Wien. For those wondering, this is a tribute to the Mario brothers game on the Nintendo Famicom -imitating a block setup in stage Did you like this game? Fly, upgrade, and explore the heavens in this original title of the launch-game genre.

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Hoshi Saga Once again, for those of you who do not want to be spoiled with the solutions for the puzzles, we suggest using your browser's search function to seek out the specific stage number you need. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. When the rabbit touches the carrot, you go to the next level. Search and Find 3 This game has no description Space junk All kinds of items are floating in space. By clicking and holding down the mouse button, you will provide a pushing force towards the small triangle. We want you to find the star on your own, but if you get frustrated and want the answer, then view it here. The game-rank of the game on Online-Games-Zone. As early as this time, it was easy to see that game develop Yoshio Ishii had a penchant for exquisite yet simplistic art. There was a time where space travel required qualifications and training, but the power of flash compels you to journey skywards via Into Space 2 where you must launch and control your spacecraft on an upwards journey. We highly suggest that players start off with the original Hoshi Saga find a star -while the simpler monochrome visuals may be a stark difference to the newer colored games particularly if you already tried the Ringo series , the gameplay itself is already refined and provides a pretty good challenge. Look carefully, it may be hard to find, but spiele baby you find it, you'll always "see" it when you look at this picture. They're hard to spot normally, so look for their shimmer! Only registered users pko vote without verification. Recover all the hidden pieces from the room and puzzle my diary back. Look carefully, it may be hard to find, but once you find it, you'll always "see" it when you look at this picture. This is a very tricky stage. Add this game to your web page! Find all the stars now by checking out our View Hoshi Saga Ringoame walkthrough. There's a lot of things scattered everywhere: Find my Diary Somebody beste kartenspiele my diary! The faster you are, the more points you earn. While technically the fourth game in the set, Ringo is actually a new beginning for the Hoshi Saga series. Find a Star 9 Find a Star Add this game to your web page!

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Did you like this game? View Hoshi Saga Ringo walkthrough. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Complete Guide For those of you just eager to find out the solutions to the interesting puzzles of the Find a Star 1 Hoshi Saga game, here is a complete guide to all the stages. Princess Sofia and Friends. find a star game

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